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Digital Ad Proposal Fall 2019

3 pronged, 3 month testing strategy

Facebook ad:
Sign-up to win free event production at your wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, quinceanera
Local targeting

$420 ad budget 

LinkedIn ad:
Donate to help us support non-profit organizations

$840 ad budget 

Google ad:
Sign-up to win free projection mapping at your wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, quinceanera
Local targeting

$420 ad budget 

Prizes = 1 free wedding & 1 free mitzvah/quinc

After 3 month testing period, ads will be ready to scale. These optimized ads will run in the winter for spring and summer events.

Facebook and Google Details

  • Promotions will be aggregated because FB, Google leads will go to same landing page, same contact form for each segment - select 1 wedding winner and 1 mitzvah/quinc winner

  • Send email to all participants announcing winner and offer a carrot (overall discount, 1 free service) for those who didn't win

  • Winner selection will be gamified... signing up in month 1 will give you a greater chance of winning vs month 3, use random function to select winner 

  • Localized location targeting to control your transportation costs and also for further competition differentiation

    • surrounding NE states​

  • High income zip codes only

  • Charging a fee to sign-up to win the promotion requires special licensing and thus is excluded from this proposal



  • "Projection mapping" is a niche keyword that will be used to avoid the heavy competition around "event production"

  • target "interested in"... wedding, mitzvah, quinc & other FB pages that people who are interested in above also like


Landing Pages

  • Sync landing page contact form to two MC "lists"

  1. Weddings​

  2. Mitzvah/Quinc

  • Two landing pages

  1. Weddings

  2. Mitzvah/Quinc

  • Will use content from the pages we built on Wix

LinkedIn Details



  • Target "philanthropy" and "donor relations" job titles nationwide

  • Legitimate crowdfunding platform with competitive fees, which are 2.9% of the total plus $0.30

  • Profile page - show all the non-profit venues we wish to work with and have worked with.

Further Details

  • On specifics regarding copy, content, ad testing schedule and other targeting metrics once this step gets approved

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